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Attention all passionate writers and paranormal enthusiasts! is excited to announce that we are currently seeking talented writers to contribute to our compelling blog page. If you have a knack for captivating storytelling and a deep interest in the unexplained and supernatural, this is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and engage with a thriving community of paranormal enthusiasts. Join us as we explore the mysterious and otherworldly phenomena that continue to captivate us, and let your imagination run wild.

Why Write for

1. Platform for Creativity: At, we embrace creativity and encourage our writers to explore their unique perspective within the paranormal genre. Whether you indulge in ghostly encounters, UFO sightings, urban legends, or haunted places, our platform provides ample space for you to express your ideas and showcase your writing talent. Contribute your voice to a growing platform filled with like-minded individuals passionate about unexplained occurrences.

2. Engaged and Supportive Community: By joining’s writing team, you will become part of a dedicated and supportive community of paranormal enthusiasts. Our readership is filled with individuals who share a genuine interest in the supernatural, eagerly awaiting new content to fuel their curiosity. Your articles will spark intriguing discussions and provide a platform for sharing experiences and beliefs with others who have had similar encounters. Join us in building a community where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

3. Expand Your Portfolio: Writing for not only allows you to dive into a fascinating subject matter but also provides an excellent opportunity to expand your writing portfolio. If you aspire to become a freelance writer or seek future opportunities within the writing industry, contributing to our blog page demonstrates your ability to captivate readers, conduct research, and articulate concepts effectively. This experience will enhance your credibility and open doors to further opportunities in the world of writing.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Content: We are looking for well-researched, original, and compelling articles primarily focused on paranormal topics. Share your experiences, investigate conspiracies, explore haunted locations, or delve into unsolved mysteries. The possibilities are endless.

2. Style: Maintain a conversational, engaging tone while keeping the content informative and respectful. Encourage readers to contemplate the paranormal without sensationalizing or promoting an unfounded belief.

3. Word Count: Aim for articles between 800-1500 words, ensuring your piece provides a comprehensive exploration of the chosen topic.

4. Formatting: Please submit your articles in a Microsoft Word or Google Docs format, allowing for easy editing and formatting if required.


If the supernatural world captivates your imagination and you have a passion for writing, invites you to share your talents and become a valuable member of our writing team. Connect with a like-minded community, expand your portfolio, and contribute to the ever-growing knowledge surrounding the unexplained. Together, let’s uncover the mysteries that lie hidden beneath the surface of our reality. Submit your application today and embark on an extraordinary journey with


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