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What a fantastic night at Hitchin Priory.

“As I was unable to attend the investigation with Paracom at Hitchin Priory due to our lovely motorway sytem, I found this on Facebook that has been written by Wayne Seaden a seasoned paranormal investigator.”

You can find more about Wayne at “Spookinory” and also “Truth Beyond Paranormal Live

Forward written by Lee Bliss

Hitchin Priory (Photo Credit:Wayne Seaden)

I would like to thank Mark Williams and Paracom for inviting me along. It was great to see old friends again, make new ones and meet Facebook friends, for the first time in the flesh. Miki York it was a real pleasure and amazing evening investigating with yourself, Mark and Ness.

Right from the start our little group had things happen. We started our evening in the basement, where we had placed various emf detectors and motion sensors around. Jump scared by a rather large, side plate sized spider. We recieved numerous words and conversation through communication apps. A couple of times, we had a clear sighting of something standing in the basement with us. Various photos were taken, some which were very confusing and need a little looking into. It certainly had an air of something. Especially when you find out, three monks were entombed in the walls of that basement and your the last person to walk out in the dark. Lol.

After a short break, our group went upstairs into what would of been what could only be seen as an attic, which had been converted into hotel rooms. It is a good time to point out, that this place has corridors and stairs going in all directions. You could go up one set of stairs and find you go down another step after, in a different direction to end up in just one room.

Myself and Miki went to the top rooms where we split into two. Miki in one room, myself in another. Despite being 29-30°c, we endured the temperature. Something came into the room I was in and lifted the corner of a curtain. Which could of been nothing to do with breezes as there wasn’t any and I was sitting opposite the window.

Eventually as activity wasn’t that frequent, all four of our group conducted the Estes method in the notorious room 16. The atmosphere completely changed. Whatever or whoever was trying to communicate, had a strange way of doing so. At times there were physical threats and other times, had us in stitches of laughter. Eventually the heat became too much and we left for a break and returned to another room that appeared to be frequented by the spirit of a young lady who lost her child and eventually loosing her own life.

To finish the evening. We went into the back rooms which now appear to be seminar rooms.

Again we tried the Estes method. I have seen this done many times, bit this was the first time I had seen the experiment done with light goggles and a light circle around the person. This was fascinating as at a couple of points various lights changed colour, which is supposed to indicate an energy passing through the circle. Mark seemed to have a thin lady with black hair and wearing a black dress, standing to the side of him and at times could feel her breath. We crossed to the other back room, but unfortunately the atmosphere was completely different and felt like nothing was there. At this point we declared an end to the night.

In short. Hitchin priory is an amazing location and would love to return again, especially to the basement.

Again many thanks to Mark and Paracom for the invitation. Was great seeing Mark Dudley and Garry Fields again. I will hopefully see you again in December for Rougham control tower.

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