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Pete Foxtrotoscar from Paracom

Pete Foxtrotoscar, a middle-aged man with a propensity for the paranormal, had been intrigued by legends and ghostly happenings from a young age. The stories of benevolent spirits, gory murder mysteries, haunted buildings, and ghost sightings that he’d come across fascinated him. Over the years, his fascination blossomed into a full-blown passion for paranormal investigations. Motivated by his passion, he assembled a team of like-minded individuals, founding a ghost hunting team named ‘Paracom.’

The creation of was an organic step for Pete, a platform to share his team’s paranormal investigations in the digital world. The concept was simple. Explore haunted locations around the UK, document the findings, sharing experiences, and providing updates through blog entries and videos on their website.

Every investigation began with diligence, studying history, gathering local stories, analyzing possible reasons for the presence of ghosts. Pete, with his team, paid attention to every detail. From eerie feelings of being watched to the slightest temperature drops, they recorded each phenomenon meticulously. They used tools like Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recorders, electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, and thermal imaging cameras.

Pete and his team soon gained popularity for their professional approach and the authenticity they upheld. Their engaging content grew a loyal community of paranormal enthusiasts who contributed and supported their work.

One of their most famous investigations was the haunting of The Hellfire Caves – a network of man-made chalk and flint caverns extending a quarter of a mile underground near the village of West Wycombe.

Upon their arrival at The Hellfire Caves, the chilling winds set the tone for the team’s weekend stay. The darkness was heavy, the silence even heavier, fueling an eerie ambiance that sent shivers down their spines.

The team split into groups, exploring the different caverns within. What they encountered was beyond their wildest expectations. Unseen hands touching them, drops in temperature, ethereal whisperings, and fleeting shadows were just some of the scary encounters experienced.

In the main Banqueting Hall of the cave, the EVP recorder picked up a melancholic voice pleading for help. A spine-chilling moment for everyone present and a firm reminder of the seriousness of their venture.

The team cataloged all the evidence, documenting each stage of their investigation. Back home, they spent hours scrutinizing the data, rewatching footage, and filtering the EVP recordings. became a site frequently visited by curious skeptics and passionate ghost hunters alike. Their detailed chronicles kept readers on the edge of their seats, while the eerie audio clips and footage sent shivers down their spines.

Despite moments of fear and the occasional push from the unseen, Pete Foxtrotoscar and his Paracom team continued their journey, delving deeper into the UK’s lesser-known and darker corners. After all, they were the often-unheard voices of the spectral world, fervently capturing its echoes, and sharing it with the world through


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