Chris Fleming: Trailblazer in Paranormal Investigations

In the realm of paranormal investigations – a pursuit attracting both skeptics and believers – one name frequently stands out: Chris Fleming. An internationally recognized television host, producer, and paranormal investigator, Fleming has made a significant impact on the field. Seen on hit shows like “Dead Famous”, “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal”, and two seasons on “Help! My House Is Haunted”, Fleming has used his wide platform to share insights and experiences from the paranormal world.

Born into a family with notable psychic abilities, Fleming’s grasp of the supernatural seemingly started at birth. From an early age, he claimed to have encounters with spiritual entities and utilized this unique ability to communicate with them. Fleming’s lifelong journey into the paranormal was sparked by these early experiences, launching him on a quest to explore, understand, and bear witness to the paranormal phenomena.

During the early ’90s, he made contributions in comic book artistry and created a nationally published magazine, “Unknown Magazine,” which documented real-life supernatural encounters. The magazine was pivotal in escalating the interest in the paranormal amongst the mainstream audience.

In 2004, Fleming’s career hit new heights when he was cast in Living TV’s paranormal documentary series “Dead Famous.” The show followed Fleming and co-host Gail Porter across the United States as they searched for the spirits of deceased celebrities. Fleming’s acute psychic sensitivity and paranormal detecting tech gave the program its supernatural grounding, creating thrilling encounters during their explorations.

One of Fleming’s most significant contributions to the field is his development of various technologies used in capturing paranormal phenomena. He coined the term ‘ITC’ – Instrumental Trans Communication – to refer to communication with spirits through electronic devices and has used it extensively throughout his investigations. Known typically for using digital recorders to catch electronic voice phenomena (EVP), Fleming has worked with engineers and inventors towards advancing these devices for more explicit communication with the other side.

After being asked many time’s on investigations “Where do i get this piece of equipment….do you carry that?” he decided to evolve his online store known today as “

Fleming’s engagement extends beyond television. His ‘Spirit Talk‘ podcast is an influential platform where he discusses paranormal experiences and interviews other figures in the field. He’s an enthusiastic and much-admired speaker at paranormal conferences and enthusiast meetings worldwide.

Interestingly, despite being part of several high-profile paranormal investigations, Fleming is far from a blind believer. He is the first to maintain an objective stance, asserting the importance of evidence, and exercises healthy skepticism.

Chris Fleming is undeniably a trailblazer in the field of paranormal investigation. His work weaves the mystical with the tangible, a fusion that brings a unique richness to his pursuit. He’s not merely satisfied with investigating the unknown but aims to provide a platform for the paranormal phenomena to be better understood and accepted in mainstream culture. An influential figure and a relentless explorer, Fleming continues to push the boundaries to engage directly with the supernatural in ways the world has never seen before. His dedication and passion, coupled with his forward-thinking approach, affirmed his position as a pillar in the paranormal community. Chris Fleming’s groundbreaking work reassures those who fear the unknown that they are not alone.

You can also find Chris Fleming on Twitter, Facebook and his Website.

You can also purchase Chris’s artwork “Click Here

Written by Lee Bliss


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