Friday, 30 May 2014

The Betty Hill Star Map | Binnall of America

On the night of 19/20 September, 1961, on their way home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire from a short break in Canada, something happened to Betty and Barney Hill that began a new controversy in UFO research that continues even today. While modern polls show that as many as four million Americans could believe they might have been abducted by aliens, back in 1966 when the first book detailing the Hill case The Interrupted Journey was first published, the New England couple’s claims of alien contact were almost unheard of. There had been the famous Contactees of the 1950s, men and women who claimed they had been visited by the human looking occupants of flying saucers with warnings about nuclear war and environmental concerns. But the experiences of the Hills were completely different, reporting beings that were obviously not human, and had no such messages.
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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Have You Ever Wondered How Ghosts Work? | Neon Nettle

Just as UFOs have become synonymous with alien visitors, similarly it is often assumed that ghosts, if they are real, must be the spirits of the deceased. There are, however, several paranormal theories to explain ghosts that would be equally paradigm shattering to mainstream science if they could be scientifically verified and proven to be real, and not just the product of overactive imaginations. 

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Another Crashed UFO in New Mexico? | Binnall of America

So entrenched has the 1947 Roswell crash become in the minds of many UFO researchers, that it is often overlooked that the Roswell incident was not actually the first crashed saucer story to enter the public consciousness. That distinction belongs to another alleged UFO incident in the New Mexico desert. This time near Aztec, a small town in the upper western portion of the state, hundreds of miles away from the Roswell crash debris field found by Mac Brazel’s on the Foster Ranch in the summer of 1947.
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Thursday, 8 May 2014

UFOs, Abductions and Alien Engineers: Was God An Ancient Astronaut? | Neon Nettle

If some UFOs really are alien spacecraft from another planet the obvious question to ask is why are they visiting Earth? Initially, the consensus among UFO researchers was that aliens were visiting us to conduct scientific research; much in the same way NASA was sending missions to the Moon.